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Speculation in the CS: GO skin market

We raise the price of certain items on Steam by purchasing large quantities along the way. Then we sell these items at various sites and fix the profit.

Long-term investment in CS: GO

On Steam, especially CS: GO, there are many events on which we can make money together. By buying things at the lowest price during these events. After the end, our company calculates the interval at which we profitably sell these things.

Resale of CS: GO items

We have a table in our arsenal. Thanks to the table, we can identify which items can be purchased upon request for purchase for subsequent sale. In the future, we sell these things on steam or on other sites.

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How to start?


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Why us?

Benefits of working with steam-invest.ru

Stable income - 10-25% per month

The ability to generate consistent returns that exceed the interest rate of all our competitors.

You can start with any amount

Regardless of the contribution, each person will receive the same percentage.

Easy top-up and quick start

You can top up your balance with both skins and real money.

Fast and convenient payments

You can easily withdraw skins to your inventory, and you can also withdraw money to all payment systems.

Some numbers

Company statistics

2286 Investors
256300 Total deposits
112.12 Average deposit

Answers on questions

To start cooperation with the steam-invest, you need to do the following:

1. Register on our website – this simple procedure will not take much time;

2. Go to your Personal Account;

3. Find the deposits section;

4. Choose your RUB or USD account;

5. Make your initial deposit.

6. When you have replenished, you need to select the amount and click "create deposit" After that, all investment activities will be carried out by our company, while you will be able to receive your income on a daily basis.

Our company steam-invest has a staff of professional employees who have been in this field for more than five years. We work to increase profits and reduce risks. By creating a deposit, you can be sure that you have made the right choice for your poor!

The project we created cannot be considered a kind of win-win lottery – there are always risks in the investment business. However, the success of any business, including ours, depends on how justified these risks are, and the main task of management is to minimize risks.

You will be charged interest only when your deposit is "in work".

1. Go to your Personal Account;
2. Find the deposits section;
3. Choose your RUB or USD account;
4. Make your initial deposit.
5. When you have replenished, you need to select the amount and click "create deposit"

All transactions take up to 24 hours. If you have replenished or tried to withdraw money and they have not come to you within 24 hours, then write to our technical support.

In order to better control positions in the market, we need large volumes. Thanks to your donations, we are gaining a foothold in the market and fully control many items.

The interest rate is dynamic, that is, today you can earn 0.3% and tomorrow 5%. There is also a compound interest on the site, where % is added to your last amount-You invested 1,000$ received 2% and the next % you will receive to 1,020$.


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